Who Says Car Photography Requires ‘Nice’ Cars?

13 08 2010

Photo of the Day

8 08 2010

I took this on a backroad east of St Paul. Thought it was neat and so i figured I would share it.

Photo of the Day

7 08 2010

Here is one of downtown Minneapolis from a more than 7 days ago. But still cool!

Photo of the day

6 08 2010

Saw a butterfly in the front yard. It was on a flower that no longer exists! We ripped all the flowers out!

Photo of the Day

5 08 2010

Took this in Menomonie, WI tonight. I like old barns!

Old Barn

Photo of the Day

4 08 2010

#2 Bridge

I took this picture while standing in the middle of the water about 100 yards downstream from Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis.

Photo of the Day

4 08 2010

#2 Bridge

THis was about 200 yards down from the Minnehaha waterfall which is a few miles from my house. I actually stoos in the middle of the water, which was moving fairly quickly!

Photo of the Day

3 08 2010

The beginning of my photo of the day experiment! Any photo posted was taken with 1 week of the photo being posted.

Negative comments welcome!

#1 Busy room

Fun Weekend!

1 08 2010

TIffany and I went to an Estate sale this weekend for fun! THen we went to the Como Zoo ( also known as the free petting zoo). It was alot of Fun. We redid our front hill in our house. There were butterflys on the hill (probably because of all the crazy-ness). We also saw an albino squirrel on a walk yesterday. It was Crazy!!


16 07 2010

Last weekend we went to my cousins wedding reception / going away party. He got married a few months ago and then went to boot camp!! I’m sure it was tough. Now he is back and he will soon go to Germany for I believe 1-2 years, along with his wife. That should be a blast!